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Cybercolors’ Sustainability Statement

The overarching strategic niche of Cybercolors’ business, is the provision of food ingredients (principally colours), sourced from Nature, i.e. inherently renewable, as opposed to those sourced from petrochemical derivatives and other non sustainable sources, which are widespread in the market.

In addition, a fundamental element of Cybercolors’ business approach is to form strategic collaborations with key partners for the provision of manufacturing, warehousing and other essential services. This strategy, with its inherent emphasis on synergy, implicitly ensures that sustainability principles are at the heart of the company’s ethos.

Further to the above intrinsically sustainable platform, Cybercolors has a vigorous approach to yield optimisation in all manufacturing processes, thus ensuring low levels of loss and waste.

We have also recently completed an internal initiative to replace palm oil derived raw materials, with more sustainable equivalents.
Cybercolors Ltd. products are supplied to exacting quality standards. The company is accredited to ISO9001:2000 and ISO22000.

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