Produced in harmony with nature

Annatto from Plantation | Cybercolors

We source only the highest quality raw materials from specialist plantations based all over the world, with whom we have developed strategic partnerships over decades.

We extract the colour locally in order to cultivate the highest levels of bioactive material and we return the unused vegetable matter back into the farm to nurture the soil.

Our natural food colours are fully biodegradable, highly sustainable and produced in harmony with nature.

Vibrant colours, naturally

The colour of the food we eat gives a visual cue about the taste, quality, freshness and flavour of the food we are about to consume. We create vibrant colours, naturally, from specially cultivated plants, fruit and vegetables. Our colours include:

Carotene | Cybercolors


Natural carotenoids are extracted from plant algae grown in Australia to produce a concentrated oil suspension. From this, natural carotene suspensions, water soluble liquids and powders are produced. Major applications include:

● Margarine
● Beverages
● Health supplements
● Ice

Paprika Natural Colours | Cybercolors


Paprika pods are grown in commercial plantations in India and extracted to produce oleoresin, a bright orange natural colour. From this, oil preparations and water miscible liquids are prepared. Major applications include:

● Seasonings
● Meat
● Poultry

Annatto - Natural Colours | Cybercolors


Derived from the seeds of the achiote tree, Annatto is cultivated in a commercial plantation in Sao Paulo State, Brazil. When processed, the seeds are used to produce oil suspension, oil-soluble and water-soluble Annatto colours. Major applications include:

● Seasonings
● Margarine
● Cheese

Chlorophyll | Cybercolors


Chlorophyll is extracted from alfalfa, a perennial flowering plant in the pea family Fabaceae, grown in the UK. From this, water-soluble liquids and powders are prepared. Major applications include:

● Beverages
● Ice-cream

Anthocyanins, Aronia Melanocarpa | Cybercolors


The grape skin is used for colour and the rest of the plant is repurposed for use by other businesses meaning there is zero plant waste. Grape skins are mainly sourced in France, Spain and Italy. When processed, the skins produce a grape or purple coloured liquid and powder. Polyphenol powders are also produced. Major applications include:

● Beverage
● Health Supplements

Lutein xanthophyll | Cybercolors


Marigold flowers are grown on commercial plantations in India. The Lutein, redorange in colour, is extracted to produce oil suspensions and water-soluble liquids. Major applications include:

● Beverages
● Health supplements

Beetred, Beta Vulgaris | Cybercolors


Beetred is extracted from red beetroots grown in the European Union from sustainable plantations. From this, water-soluble liquids and powders are prepared. Major applications include:

● Dairy desserts
● Yoghurts
● Ice-cream
● Seasonings

Turmeric, Curcuma longa | Cybercolors


Turmeric rhizomes are grown and extracted in India to produce Curcumin powder. This powder produces a vibrant yellow colour. From this, oil suspensions/water soluble liquids and powders are prepared. Major applications include:

● Desserts
● Margarines
● Seasonings

Elderberry, Sambucus Nigra | Cybercolors


Elderberry skins are extracted at source in Europe to produce water-soluble liquids and powders. Major applications include:

● Fruit preparations
● Beverages

Carmine | Cybercolors


Carmine/Cochineal is cultivated on commercial plantations in Peru. Carmine lake is processed on site, while water soluble liquids and oil suspensions are prepared. Major applications include:

● Yoghurt
● Fruit Preparations
● Meat
● Beverages

White Coconuts | Cybercolors


In response to new EU regulations banning the use of Titanium Dioxide as a food colour, we have developed a range pioneering natural alternatives. Major applications include:

● Beverages
● Confectionary
● Vegan Products

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