Creating the perfect colour balance

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Our expert team process the concentrated raw ingredients in our manufacturing facility before refining and testing in our food science laboratory.

Our food scientists work to create the perfect balance of colour for use in a wide range of applications.​ Our advanced technology ensures that precise colours remain brilliant and balanced.

  • Dairy - Natural Colours | Cybercolors


    Differentiate your products by using our high quality colours in Natural Cheese, Processed Cheese, Cheese Powders, Ice-Cream, Dairy Desserts and Sports Nutrition Blends. For customers interested in colouring cheese, our patented ClearWhey colour technology allows customers to achieve zero colour transfer into the whey stream.
  • Confectionery - Natural Colours | Cybercolors


    We offer a complete range of natural colours for Hard Boiled Sweets, Panned Sugar Confectionary and Fat Filled Luxury Chocolate. Enhance the appearance of confections and candy by using Cybercolors vibrant colors.
  • Beverages - Natural Colours | Cybercolors


    Our range of natural colours enhance beverages including soft drinks, juices, some alcoholic beverage application, milk-based beverages and powdered beverages. Achieve stable, pale or vibrant, colour shades using natural colours.
  • Savoury - Natural Colours | Cybercolors


    We offer a complete range of natural colours for snack foods & snack seasonings and meats & meat seasonings. Our broad natural colour portfolio allows you to achieve the desired colour, naturally.
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Discover how our brilliant natural colours can enhance your products