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The color of food has a paramount influence on our feelings and perceptions of food products. In addition to providing a distinct difference from that of competitors, colour brings life, charisma and brand recognition to industry.

At Cybercolors, our many years of application expertise will allow us work with your application area to maximise the visual appeal of natural colors. Our key areas of application expertise are…


Our state of the art, patented, Clear Whey cheese color technology is used in colored Cheddar, Gouda and other premium cheeses- ensuring optimum color stability during cheese storage/ maturation. Cheese producers also benefit by having a color free whey stream when using Clear Whey.

Clear Whey – the natural alternative to Annatto – for Cheese and Whey.
Key application areas in Dairy are:
Natural Cheese, Process Cheese, Cheese Powders, Ice-Cream, Dairy Desserts and Sports Nutrition Blends.
Cybercolors offers a complete range of Natural Colors for:
Hard Boiled Sweets, Panned Sugar Confectioney and Fat Filled Luxury Chocolate.
Cybercolors offer a complete range of Natural Colours for:
Soft drinks, Juices, Some alcoholic beverage application, Milk Based Beverages and Powdered Beverages.
Cybercolors offer a complete range of Natural Colours for:
Snack Foods & Snack Seasonings and
Meats & Meat Seasonings.
Allow us to help you find the perfect natural colour solution for your product.