Rooted in nature, powered by science

Rooted in nature, powered by science

Rooted in nature, powered by science

‘We eat first with our eyes’

- Apicius

Colour is known to be one of the most important sensory properties in the marketing of food and drinks. Our expert team extracts the highest quality natural food colours from specially cultivated plants, vegetables and fruits.

Colours from nature

We are a natural food ingredients company based in Cork, Ireland. Our natural food colours are fully biodegradable, highly sustainable and produced in harmony with nature. ​

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Our commitment to research and development has resulted in the successful securing of patents for our pioneering product technologies. Our broad product portfolio includes powders, oil-soluble and water-soluble natural food colours.


We specialise in the sourcing, research, development, manufacture and promotion of natural food colours. We offer unparalleled innovation in creating sustainable, high-quality colours for the global food and beverage industry.

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