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Clear Whey Natural Cheese Color is a proprietary, patented, technology that allows Colored Cheese to be produced without coloring the Whey stream.

· Zero Color Transfer
· Natural Solution – No Bleaching
· Better Flavor

· Perfect Annato Color Match
· More Fortification Options Available
· More Stable Color

· Premium Cheese & Whey
· Sports Nutrition
· Increased Export Potential
Clear Whey – Benefits for Cheese
  • Easy to handle & use.
  • Readily dispersible in milk. Superior to Annatto
  • Duplicates Annatto color perfectly.
  • Flexibility to adjust cheese color.
  • Greater color stability (not prone to fading or pinking)
  • Stable, vibrant color through out shelf life.
  • Eliminates color stability associated losses
  • Allows for colored cheese market growth
Clear Whey – Benefits for Whey
  • NO added color pigments measurable in Whey*
  • NO bleaching is required
  • SUPERIOR FLAVOR profile to bleached Whey**
  • Process Efficiencies
  • Whey suitable for Infant Formula
* Verified by independent accredited laboratory
** Verified by independent expert sensory panels
Allow us to help you find the perfect natural colour solution for your product.